Sunday, November 11, 2007

travel & football notes

Whew! Just made it! Got home about half an hour ago, and the first item of business was to eat. I really wanted to buy something on the way home from the train, but I'm cheap.

And I'm also being distracted by this incredible, unbelievable Indianapolis-San Diego game. It's one of the best games I've ever seen in my life. Can't wait for it to show up on NFL Replay this week (boy, did I miss the NFL Network when I was gone). The Colts just missed a chip-shot field goal. I can't believe it.

No ridiculous travel adventures to report. I did sit next to an Eastern European couple on the way to San Francisco, and the man kept grabbing the woman and kissing her every fifteen minutes or so. And there was definitely a few minutes where he was feeling her up. And they also got up together and walked towards the bathroom - I think they were trying to join the Mile High Club. Fortunately for the rest of us, there were a lot of people around the bathroom they chose (which was the middle of the plane). On the whole, it was entirely gross.

There was also a really hot woman, around my age. I think she was a dancer. She was sitting in the row behind me to the left, and she was chatting with this older guy. Her bags were above me, and we talked a couple of times, but I couldn't figure out a suave way to get her digits.

(Chargers just won. Six picks for Manning. Wow.)

All right, must watch the Steelers game I recorded (thanks DVR!). Details about the wedding t'm'row...

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