Saturday, November 03, 2007

rest for the weary, please

I really like Valley City. It's a great place, clean and beautiful, and I have a lot of great friends here.

But I'm ready to go home.

I think what I'm really ready for is some rest. I worked for 12 weeks this summer, and the month off I had between Rockport and here wasn't so restful - I think I got about five days of actual downtime, when I was visiting my parents.

And all of the shows have been pretty demanding. I haven't been playing big roles the past couple of years, and all three of these I've done this year have been massive. Today was the first time my body stopped responding - I didn't have any vocal power for the last half of the play, and that's a BIG problem.

So I'm looking forward to getting at least a touch of rest, before I start traveling again. I'll post the itinerary later.

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