Tuesday, November 13, 2007

auditions auditions auditions

I've had an agent for a year and a half now. I've been unsatisfied for a good portion of that time. While my guy is great for getting me regional theater auditions, I've only gone in for a couple of TV shows, no movies, and one off-Broadway play - an audition I got myself. I've also snagged most of my jobs by myself.

Nowadays, though, I'm glad I've got him.

I've been back for a week, and he's scheduled 4 auditions for me, including three this week. I'm now being seen for high-profile roles at good theaters; a couple are even in NYC. This is very exciting.

Why the change? Two reasons, I think.

1. My resume is a lot better. The three roles I played this summer and fall are all huge roles, which I did with established directors. And nothing makes you hotter than disappearing from NY to do some big-time roles.

2. The director of my last play has been friends with my agent for a long time, and during the rehearsal she wrote him several e-mails telling him how good she thought I was. The last time I saw her, she said, "Make sure to stay on your agent; he needs to be sending you out for big-time stuff. I'll send him another e-mail to back that up." Needless to say, I love this woman.

Now, if only the writers would come back, I might really be able to get somewhere...

Off to shower and prep for the next one.

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