Monday, December 31, 2007

too much love

At SFO, picking up friends before the wedding. (It's a surprise - ssssshhhh!)

I just had to remark that I understand, when picking up someone at the gate, if you kiss for a while. You're in love (or lust), haven't seen your S.O. in some time - it's natural there should be a bit o lovin'.

But I just watched a couple full-on MAKE OUT for five minutes. Right at the entrance. People were having to push by them, etc. It was gross. Like watching porn, but not hot at all. Ick.

Oh well.

The wedding starts in 4 hours, and I'm very excited. I'm ringing in the New Year with a bunch of Sleepy Hamlet folks, so I know I'm going to have a great time. Even if I'm not guaranteed a smooch at midnight. I hope that you have a wonderful - and safe - time too.

Blog365 starts tomorrow...see you then...

Friday, December 28, 2007

apartment hunting

I hate it.

Desperately, desperately hate it.

I don't want to live in a crappy, far-away, unsafe neighborhood. But, because of my chosen profession, I can't afford to pay $1000/month for a place - there's just too much uncertainty, you know? So right now I'm just tearing my hair out.

(Actually, my hair is pretty short right now, so if I actually wanted to physically tear out hunks o' my locks, it would be pretty unsatisfying.)

Going to go look at three places today. I'll let you know if any of them are mildly interesting...

Blog 365 - am I crazy?

So, folks, I've noticed two things.

1. I like writing every day.

2. More people seem to visit my blog when I write every day.

Therefore, I'm going to undertake a massive...undertaking.

I'm joining Blog 365, meaning that, in 2008, I will be blogging every day.

Here are the rules (as written by the Blog365 people):

- Blog everyday for 365 days.

- Feb.29th is a Free Day and will be the Blog365 day of rest!
(Thanks Leap Year)

- You do not HAVE to post to the same blog as long as you post everyday.

- No internet? Write your post locally and post it once you are back on the grid.

- Computer Broken? Grab some paper and do some old school blogging.

- A post is a post, not everything has to be in writing. Photos, YouTube videos, and the like are all considered content.

- Have fun, because that's the whole point!

The "posting locally" thing is key. I'll probably be doing a lot more of the "jot my thoughts down immediately and post them six hours later" thing in '08. And I'll try to have a witness or two, as well. Also, some of my posts may go up on the actual Blog365 site. I'll try to eventually get them up in both places, but don't freak out if you see a day or two missing. Not that you're going to freak out over my blog, anyway.

Consider this my New Year's resolution - blog more. I'm going to do my best to earn my badge, and not let the other 380 (and counting!) participants down. And I'd love to have some company!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Planet Unicorn

Um, this is hilarious. I guarantee you will be singing the theme song for days.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

a note to the ladies out there

Just some friendly advice:

If a guy has the courage to come up to you and ask you out, you should have the courage to say, "No thanks," or "I'm not interested," or, if you must, "Sorry, but I have a boyfriend." Fake numbers are not acceptable. Unless, of course, it's the rejection hotline. That's just kind of funny.

Thank you.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From me (and Ashton Kutcher's production company).

magazine love

I'm a magazine reader. I have subscriptions to three:

Rolling Stone (which is a lifetime subscription)
Esquire (which gives me something to shoot for, and is surprisingly affordable)
Time (since my freshman year of college)

I generally save these magazines for commutes. When I work at the theater, I often come home late at night, so between riding the subway and actually waiting for the train to arrive, I can have an hour-long trip. My magazines are perfect for those.

So you know what I hate most? When someone steals my magazines.

This used to happen fairly frequently at Sleepy Hamlet. But tonight, someone lifted my Time (with POY Vlad Putin) from the box office. One minute it was there; the next (when I was grabbing my scarf and prepping to leave) it was gone. Boy, was I hot.

The only saving grace is that my brother also subscribes to Time, so I can read the rest of the issue when I go up to his house tomorrow. Still...I hate it when people take my stuff.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Trouble and The Aussie (her best friend) just called to say that they missed me. I love it when my friends do that. Even if it's three in the morning and they're hammered.

(In fairness, I was awake. I usually am this time of night. I'm a night owl.)

Anyway, it feels good to know that I have friends far away who think about me when I'm not there. Know what I mean? It's a nice feeling to go to sleep on.

Hope that you all have someone thinking about you out there, too...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I need a job. And an apartment.

Due to a couple of clerical errors (not mine), my paychecks are being held up, and I'm a titch nervous about paying my January rent.

I can't wait to go home. I need a vacation from my life.


My ex-girlfriend is spending the day in town - and the night at my place.

No, not like that!

Still, I'm nervous.

I'll give you a full report tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I keep finding myself around people that have fallen down lately. I don't like this.

The first incident happened the day before Thanksgiving. I was waiting to board the elevator at the subway station (didn't want to haul my luggage up another flight of stairs) and I paused to let the elderly woman on my left enter ahead of me. She was pulling one of those grocery carts behind her. When she entered the elevator, the wheels of the cart got stuck in that little gap between the station and elevator floors, and she went flying - struck the side of the elevator face first, and slid down to the floor awkwardly. It was a miracle that she didn't bust open her face.

There was another woman there as well. She told the old woman to stay down, and we pressed the button in the elevator and called for help. I got stuck holding the elevator door open, which kept slamming against my arm every 30 seconds. Eventually the paramedics and police came, and told me I could go.

Episode 2 happened on Sunday. I was walking to my brother's house through the slush and snow, and I passed a woman with a small child. I got maybe fifty feet past them when I heard the child wail - not a normal cry, it sounded like he was hurt. I turned around and both the woman and boy were on the ground - she was bent awkwardly. I ran up to her and was trying to ask her if she was ok, but her English wasn't all that great. A man with a familiar voice rolled up out of the car and asked if he should call 911. I said yes. When I turned and looked at him I realized that it was my brother.

I gave my umbrella to the boy to keep the rain off the woman's face - I think the kid may have been in shock. The woman managed to pull out her cell phone and call her husband, who came sprinting up the sidewalk a minute later. He pulled her up (which I didn't think was so good of an idea) and said that they didn't need the ambulance. So I then had to call 911 and tell them NOT to send it - which requires a lot of patience, let me tell you.

Moral of the story? Be careful walking in my general vicinity.

Monday, December 17, 2007

still here

Wow, I haven't posted in what feels like forever. I was purposely holding off, though, because I thought I was going to be moving into a glorious new apartment, and I didn't want to jinx it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get it. So I can blog again.

OK, it wasn't just that. I also had a ridiculously busy few days - auditions and workshops and work and seeing friends off and parties. I am a socialite - what can I say?

Need to take my contacts out - I was stalling to see if Hot Wing and I were going to have a drink, but she's still working, so I'm going to bed. Until t'm'row...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

must get out

Day 2 of my "light" week. Looks like I've started the apartment/job search full bore. What else do I have to do?

Plus, my 12 yr old roommate is driving me crazy. (He's really 22, but doesn't always act it.)

What makes it worse, I think - the noise and the instruments everywhere and sleeping on the couch every Monday 'cause his dad stays with us, which he didn't bother to tell us about when he moved in - is that he's completely oblivious to all of it.

So I think it's best that I live with a more...mature individual, and that I have a bedroom with a door on it. I mean, really... (When I move out, I'll show you the pictures of my old place - you'll understand a bit better.)

Off to look at a place now...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

change gone come

I turned thirty just a couple of months ago, and I feel like I'm changing every day. Is this normal?

I mean, now I want a stable, quiet living enviroment. Now I want to own more shirts with collars on them. Now I want to drink good liquor. Now I want to be able to afford good liquor.

It's so strange. Everything seems to be turning on its head. I'm a little freaked out, but I actually think a lot of this change is for the better. Maybe I'm actually becoming a grown-up!

I still take Steelers losses hard, though. (Like this one - and it doesn't make me feel better that the Patriots haven't lost. Thanks for trying, though.) That's never going to change.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Good times in the Windy City, which was very windy yesterday. And, not counting the wind chill, it was around 20 degrees last night. Those are the nights I knew I should have moved to LA.

But things have been fine here so far. I've been spending a lot of quality time at Panera, because they have good food and free internet. Saw two old friends last night - I'd known one since I was six and one since I was seven - and today I'm seeing some friends from college and Sleepy Hamlet.

My audition was a bit nerve-wracking this morning because I was about 15 minutes late. Fortunately the monitor was a very nice lady who gave me a few minutes to compose myself; it also helped that I knew the woman I was auditioning for. So I think there's a decent chance that I may end up in a completely random place this summer. Even though I'd rather go back to Rockport. (But trust me, if I get this job I auditioned for today, you're gonna want to hear my stories. By all accounts, it's an interesting town.)

Back to surfing the 'net while I wait for my friend to get finished.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

on the road again, again

This time to Chicago, for an audition, and to see a gaggle of friends. It's just for two days.

I'm playing an online game (long story, it makes me a nerd, don't ask), so you'll probably get the odd post from me - especially if the airports have free internet access.

Hope everyone had a good weekend...