Tuesday, July 07, 2009

let's try this again

OK, I'm back.

Wait, you didn't know I left again? Well, I did. I had computer issues (again, this time with the actual computer) that prevented me from getting online again - two days after I got internet access in my apartment. What's next, a plague of locusts?

Before we go any farther, however, I'd like to have a minute of silence for my laptop's dearly departed DVD player (three weeks ago) and hard drive (Thursday). They are survived by the rest of my laptop, my iPod, and (thankfully) my external hard drive.

Thank you.

I suppose that my return to blogging is just in time, because I'm about to depart for three different fun places. I head to the beach for a week on Saturday; then, after a week back in the city I go to Sleepy Hamlet for three weeks; and then, after a brief stopover at home, I'm headed to the Alma Mater for a week. It's a full life.

There's so much to report on - how I'm doing post-breakup, how many random dates I've been on since then, how I enjoy living in my own apartment - but I'm going to save them for a time when my body's not running on a salad and twenty ounces of Belgium beer. I PROMISE that updates will now come more frequently.*

* - as long as nothing else freaky happens

Thursday, July 02, 2009

i can't believe it

I'm back, baby.


Internet in the crib. So nice.


I had the day off from my crappy temp job, and I've spent most of it on the internets, refamiliarizing myself with the lay of the land. It's been pretty nice.

So...expect to see me a lot more. But for right now, please excuse me. I have to prepare for my date.