Sunday, November 04, 2007

prepping to go

I'm in the process of packing, while watching "The Blitz" on ESPN's SportsCenter, to catch up on the day in the NFL. I just said good-bye to Trouble and her sidekick, which was a bit sad.

It's kind of surreal that I'm going back to NYC. I went and saw American Gangster tonight, and I kept forgetting where I was. (Great movie, by the way. You should see it.)

But I'm excited to see what comes next. Besides a lot of traveling. Here's my schedule:

NYC next week
San Francisco next weekend for a wedding
NYC for ten days
Rhode Island for Thanksgiving - after last year, you know I'ma be there
NYC for two weeks
Chicago for a few days - not in stone yet
NYC for two weeks
home for Xmas
San Francisco for New Year's - another wedding

Crazy. And I've got a couple of auditions that could change everything.

So I better get used to packing, huh? I guess I should get back to it...

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