Friday, November 02, 2007

i heart obama

I read a great article about Barack Obama in the NY Times this morning, and I have to share.

It's here. Check it out.

This is the phrase that really got my attention:

The debate [between Clinton and Obama] was “orienting” because it exposed the very different orientations of the two — one toward tough-mindedness and resolve, the other toward transparency and dialogue; the one toward the peril that we face, the other toward opportunities we must explore. How you felt about the debate had to do with how you felt about the world.

He's more liberal than I would usually go, but the more I read about this guy, the more I think he's the answer.


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The Bird Man said...

I like Obama. I think his "Lack of experience" could undercut him in a general election but I remind people that Abraham Lincoln, arguably our nation's greatest president, was a one term congressman when he ran for and was elected president. I really dig Obama'a fresh perspective, and I think that when all americans are looking for a new approach to politics and leadership a fresh perspective like Obama's has tremendous potential. I would certainly vote for him in the general election next november.