Tuesday, November 27, 2007

return of the mack

So I had an audition today. Doesn't matter what it's for.

I go to one of the big audition places in NY. The floor that it was on is normally quiet, but today there were at least a hundred dancers all over the place. And if you've ever seen dancers before an audition, you know they're kind of obnoxious - sprawled out all over the place, and loud, and always in the way. (And I love dancers - literally, in a few instances.) ;-)

To make things worse, at the other end of the hallway was this ridiculously loud drumming - I mean, insanely loud. Like you were at a club.

The room for my audition was between these two receptacles of sound.

So I'm sitting there, wondering exactly how screwed I am, when a hot woman comes around the corner. She's looking for the same room I am - turns out she's the audition right after mine. We chat about the noise and the craziness, etc. She seems really nice. Very pretty. Dark hair (that's for Melissa). Great teeth. Small tattoo of a rose on her ankle. Hmmm...

I do the audition. It goes well. And it's at this point that I decide I want to ask the woman out.

I come out of the room. She's standing up. There's another guy waiting there now outside the room, too. The woman and I exchange a few more pleasantries. I do my traditional post-audition stall, and I pull out a post-it notepad. I figure that I'll get all my stuff together, write the note, and by that time she'll be doing her audition. That way I can slap the note on her purse and take off.

But they're proceeding very slowly in the room (maybe they were having a debate about me!), so by the time I finish my stall - it's about 2 minutes these days - and write the note, she's still outside. So I take all of my stuff and leave the hallway. She says good-bye with about four other comments, smiles real big, showing her perfect teeth (I'm a sucker for a great smile). I'm thinking that now I have to leave this note for her.

So I fight through all of the dancers and go into the bathroom. Wash my hands. Turn my phone back on. Fight my way back through the dancers. She's gone - yes! I slap the note on her purse. The dude in the chair looks at me like I'm crazy. I nonchalantly say, "Good luck," to him and bounce out of there.

Now I'm sitting at Quizno's (who knew they have internet access?) - came here right after my audition. About 20 minutes after I left, guess who called?

That's right.

It was hard to hear the message, due to the Xmas music that's blaring in here (seriously, it's not even DECEMBER FIRST yet), but I definitely heard her say, "I thought that was really sexy."


She wants me to call her tomorrow. Of course I'll let you know how it goes.


DH said...

Tres smooth, Rover. Color me impressed.

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Ginger said...

Nice. Did you cut your hair, by chance, that day?