Thursday, November 08, 2007

moving again

Looks like I'm starting another apartment hunt.

There are some great things about the place I'm living now - most notably the fact that it spans two floors and I have the whole bottom floor to myself. And I have a spiral staircase.

But my roommate situation is a little unsettled - one of my roommates is in love, and she's probably moving out within the next six months, and the other roommate is new and young, and he wants to bring in one of his friends, I'm not sure that I want to be living in an apartment with two early-twenties guys. I've done it before. It's called "college".

And there are other negatives. The heat doesn't always work in my room. The super is painfully slow to react to any problems. There is very little sunlight in the apartment, which drives me crazy. And the kitchen is very small, with hardly enough space for pots and pans and food for three.

I know that I want to stay in Brooklyn, and I would prefer to live alone, but I don't think I can pay $1000/month. And I don't particularly want to live in the 'hood, or ridiculously far from Manhattan. And there are only a couple of people that I would consider living with at this point.

I suppose the one beam of light shining through these various clouds is that, for the first time in my New York life, I'll be able to actually choose the place that I want to live. Even if it's not in the neighborhood I want, or if it isn't too big, or I end up paying more than I want, I will be the one who made the choice. And that's kind of exciting.

So, if you hear of anything opening up, let me know!


une petite chose said...

your roommate is in love and moving across the country for a boy she just met two months ago?? what, is she insane?!?!!

ME! said...

I found your blog on NaBlo.. and I wanted to say I really enjoyed it