Saturday, November 17, 2007

i have a sinus headache...

...which is making me grumpy. Because I'm grumpy, you're getting a bullet-point, quick-hitting kind of blog entry. Sue me. (Wow, I am grumpy.)

- I'm finally unpacking. Even though I want to move out.

- Went back to work last night. It wasn't that bad.

- Why do Hot Wing and I always start drinking at 1 and finish at 5?

- I'm glad to have my room to myself, but I'll miss living with StefStar.

- I'm hoping that I can go to the Steelers-Jets game t'm'row.

- I'm starting to get worried about money. So maybe I won't go to the game.

- I need more Swiffer pads. I wonder if my roommate is hiding them in her room...

More room cleaning to do. A cheerier post t'm'row, hopefully.

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