Monday, October 22, 2007

Power Broker West

Remember, back at Xmas, when I met the Power Broker? It was a whirlwind few weeks, culminating with her telling me about her almost-boyfriend. (I'm still kinda-sorta e-mailing her, but communication has kind of fizzled once I left the city for the summer and started dating Snapple.)

Well, I've met a similar woman who generates almost as much excitement. I met her last year, at my friend Ginger's wedding. Ginger had literally been telling me about her for years, and I was always like, "Yeah, yeah," but I was really impressed when I met her. So we've been e-mailing back and forth for the past year. She lives in Valley City, so I hung out with her a bit this summer while I was in Rockport.

The reason you never heard about this? She has a boyfriend - met him the day after Ginger's wedding - go figure. And, at the time I met her, I was kind of dating Maxine, and I wasn't interested in the long distance thing - and then I met the Power Broker. So Power Broker West (they are really kind of similiar people, and they work in similiar fields) was kind of on the back burner.

But lately, PBW has been showing interest in The Rover. (Which he welcomes.) Ginger and her husband, Fred (you knew that was coming) really don't like PBW's boyfriend - he's a nice guy, but apparently gets verbally abusive when he drinks, and he takes passive-aggressive shots at her in public, and she really doesn't seem to like him that much - it's just not a good fit - and they've been talking me up. The four of us have hung out a few times, and it's always a blast. After a function a couple of weeks ago, PBW mentioned to Ginger how great she thought I was. And I realized that I've never hung out with just her.

So, on Wednesday, before my show, we're having dinner.

But she hasn't mentioned it at all to Ginger. And didn't mention it at all when the gang got together this weekend. Hmmm...

She's a total keeper. I mean, for reals. Smart, and funny, and interesting, and fun, and gorgeous. And if she were interested in me...well, I would have to try and get more work in Valley City or Rockport.

But she has a boyfriend. And doesn't live in NY. So...I don't know.

I've decided just to go out and have a good time, and get to know her better, and see what happens. No other expectations. I'll keep you posted...

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Ginger said...

PBW glows when she sees you. Literally, glows.