Tuesday, October 30, 2007

icky show

Really crappy show tonight. It was horrible. I mean, nothing ridiculous happened (as opposed to last Tuesday, when I completely blanked out in the middle of a scene - nothing scarier than that) but I just felt like I was acting underwater. Not good times.

What makes this especially interesting was that I had one of the best shows of my life on Sunday. I was doing everything right - listening to my fellow actors, actually reacting in the moment, feeling the emotions (but not in an out-of-control way). It was a pretty awesome moment.

But something got lost on the off-day, I guess. It usually does, at least for this show - it's really hard to do that first show of the week, after 50 hours off. I've got two chances t'm'row to make it up, so that's good...

Early bedtime for me tonight. I'm out.

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