Wednesday, October 10, 2007

rant coming

There are a dozen or so big regional theaters in America, and I would like to work at all of them. There's one in particular that I keep flirting with. I send them love notes (headshots), they ask me out on a date (audition). Sometimes I have other plans (I'm working). Once we actually went out, it was great, we made out a bit, but it was nothing serious (callback, no job).

(Do you like my metaphor?)

Anyway, I've known the casting director for years. I know she likes me, and we keep trying to make something happen, but the timing's always off.

This year, though, I have an ace in the hole. The woman who directed the play I'm in now is also directing at this theater in the summer. That, combined with the fact that I'll be back in New York in four weeks, had me in great shape. I figured, I go back to the city, I'll audition for them in November, and voila! I'll have more gainful employment. And, trust me, if I go to this theater, you're gonna want to hear ALL about my adventures there.

So what happens?

I get a message on my phone this morning, "Hi Rover, this is the Casting Director's Assistant. Can you come audition for us in New York on October 24?"


When I called them to see if there were other possibilities (like, could I send them a tape?), CDA said, "Well, you can audition in Chicago in December, or LA in January..."


That sounds great. Then I can lay out money for an audition for a job that, statistically, I have a slim shot at getting! Wonderful!

I hate this process sometimes.

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