Monday, October 01, 2007

playoff baseball!

I just want to say that I LOVE playoff baseball.

I used to be a big fan when I was a kid - I played for ten years, and I was a pretty good player - but the strike in '94 ended most of my devotion. (That, and the fact that the Pirates have been pathetic for 15 years.) However, watching the playoffs is a different story. The fans are going crazy, and every play means something - it's really tremendous.

I bring this up because I watched a fantastic game tonight. The Colorado Rockies (a team I have a soft spot for, due to a summer I spent in Denver about a decade ago) beat the San Diego Padres 9-8 in 13 innings. It was everything a fan could hope for - teams going back and forth, home runs, improbably comebacks, a raucous crowd - very satisfying. Unless you're a Padres fan.

In case anyone's interested, I see a Yankees-D'backs rematch in the Series.

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