Saturday, October 06, 2007


For the first time in recent memory, I did not go out on a Friday OR a Saturday night.

Both nights, I came home from my show - it's short, so we get back around 9:30 - and did nothing. Sat around watching playoff baseball and college football. Continued reading a really great book a friend gave me back in June (more on that later). Set up my humidifier, because turning the heat on in my room dries me out.

Am I turning into an old man? Is this what happens to you when you hit your 30s? Please tell me this is just a phase...

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Wyn said...

nah... it just means that you're working, really hard!

wait... you put the head on on friday and sat? it was HUMID and hot. are you still in BK?

i missed a lot being away. sorry to hear about snapple, but you have to go your own way. ^_^

happy sunday!