Thursday, October 25, 2007

PBW report

Not much to tell, actually. We had a great time. We were together for two hours and I don't think there was a single lull in the conversation.

She's really awesome - and she also seems to realize that the guy she's with isn't the answer for her. That's promising... I think that we would make a great couple. Ginger keeps saying that we would have beautiful children.

But the reality is that she lives in Valley City, and I live in New York. And even though there's a very good chance that I could be doing a job or two in Valley City/Rockport a year, that's just not enough time for me. And, as much as I love this region - I think I could be very happy living here, and may think seriously about relocating when I'm done with NY - I'm still very ambitious career-wise, and I just can't get it done here.

She's a classy lady, though. I definitely dig her.

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