Sunday, October 14, 2007

oh, shit

Mortified this morning.

Maxine and our friend (henceforth to be known as The Brooklyn Squirrel) came into town for a wedding. They got here on Thursday, and so far everything has been great.

But last night (at the after-reception), I got a little too tanked and blabbed a little too much to Maxine.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I don't regret what I said - I said what I feel, and it was true. I just shouldn't have brought it up at that time. She's happy with her life, and I shouldn't interfere in that. And it's never cool to make a wedding all about you and your feelings - you're supposed to be celebrating the union of others, and seeing old friends, etc.

Essentially, this is what happened. We've been talking all weekend about the potential of us getting back together, how we get a smidge jealous when one of us is dating, etc. So that's been in the air. And we've seen a lot of people that we used to know, and it kind of takes you back, you know? So when I showed up after my show last night, I kept joking, "We really should get married." I guess it wasn't funny the fourth time, at 2am, because she kind of called me on it. And I told her that I wasn't really joking. And I made her cry.

So, I'm mortified.


Ginger said...

"Rover's many romantic trials and tribulations" is SO much better than "Days of our Lives." Sorry it was a rough night.

L. Britt said...

Word up, man! Do you not have enough drama on the stage? If you're not about to go out and buy a ring, what you did was kind of mean. Don't mess with a woman and marriage.