Wednesday, March 01, 2006

(temporary) home sweet home

Another break for rehearsal 'til Friday AM. I think that this time I'm just going to get house-type stuff done - laundry, change sheets and towels, balance my checkbook (which I'm usually a freak about doing) - and hit the gym. The new workout plan's going quite well, thank you.

I talked to the folks at work, and it looks like I'm going to continue napping in the lap of luxury. They originally wanted to move me closer to the theater, but considering that I was on tour for the last two months of '05 and then in a hotel for the first part of '06, I really just want to stay in one place. And I'm just starting to get settled in I didn't want to leave again. And now it looks like I won't have to.

I've got to admit, even though I'm a total urban dweller, I'm kind of digging living in the 'burbs. I found the Whole Foods this weekend, which will totally aid my healthy lifestyle (although it will abuse the hell out of my wallet). And I don't mind the 22-minute commute - gives me time to listen to my iPod, and relax a bit. The only time this will suck will be when I want to get a couple of drinks after a show...but I really should be cutting back on the alcohol intake, anyway.

Time to make dinner...salmon burgers from Whole Foods...mmm...

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a.maria said...

salmon burgers?!

um. ew.