Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's early Wednesday morning, but I don't have rehearsal until seven t'm'row night, meaning that I have no idea what time I'm going to get up in the morning. And I don't want to deprive my East Coast readers, who are probably waiting with baited breath to see if I'm going to come back to them.

Sadly, I'm not.

I've waffled back and forth for days now, and late Saturday night I was thinking that I was probably going to go back to New York. It would be easy, I thought. I know how the city works, I thought. My ex-g'friend is there, and it would be nice to see her every day again, I thought. I have a bunch of cool friends who are there, who will be moving there shortly. I thought I had it all figured out.

And then I woke up early Sunday morning and went to the movies (to see Dave Chappelle's Block Party - see the below post for my thoughts on the movie). And I sat in this mostly empty theater, right in the middle, and relaxed as the previews came up.

I don't remember the name of the movie that was previewed first. It's not really important. What is important is the feeling that came over me when the first frame appeared on the screen.

I want to do that. I CAN do that.

And from there, it was a done deal.

I love theater. I always will. I'll never stop doing it. The connection that's created when an audience and the actors are totally in sync is indescrible. Everything is in harmony, a perfect feedback loop.

But I've always wanted to do movies, ever since I was a little kid. And I'm not getting any younger. And, if I want to go that route, I need to be in the city that makes it all happen. The city that's got great weather, and beaches, and In-N-Out Burgers galore, and fake tits and puffed-up lips as far as the eye can see.

I'm moving to Los Angeles.


Melissa said...

Oh, K. Oh oh oh. Please tell me you're still coming in May. Please. I understand your decision. Besides, you can have your pick of places to crash whenever you need a dose of the East Coast (that made you and formed you and nuzzled you in its bosom only to be desrted... nah, just messing with you).

Stef said...

You know how I feel and I will stick to it. I don't think you are done with NYC, I think LA is part of your path and right now, that's where you need to be. I would totally lie if I wasn't just a teeny weency bit crushed (well that is a lie, I am HUGELY crushed...errrrr, Ashland oh Ashland, come back, my friend) of my best friends, in a city I am moving to...but alas, LA is not as far away as it seems.

PS-Can you believe that I met you like a year ago. Can we have Amy deliver us martini's at Martino's??? How about a Cantina at DragonFly?

The Rover said...

Stef - wrote about that in my journal just last night. Crazy.

M - I'll still be in the Big Apple come May 1, 'til mid-July. So there will be plenty of good times this summer...

Bright-Eyes said...