Monday, March 06, 2006

and the Oscar goes to...

Just watched the Oscars (on TiVo, because I had rehearsal through the whole thing). Quick thoughts:

- Lots of pictures won lots of awards. It seemed like Memoirs of a Geisha was winning something every time I looked up.

- Very happy that Crash won Best Picture. It's the only one of the five nominees I saw, and I thought it was great. I kind of got tired of the Brokeback hype machine.

- I was, however, very happy for Ang Lee.

- And I was THRILLED that Three 6 Mafia won. How many Americans will be singing, "you know it's hard out here for a pimp" t'm'row morning? Buy the soundtrack. It's good.

- I was happy that Rachael Weisz won - The Constant Gardener was an outstanding movie. Would have liked for Terrence Howard to have won, but you can't argue with PSH.

- I thought that Jon Stewart was a great host. Not sure that the audience loved him (they really only love Billy Crystal), but I did. The fake commercials were great.

Time for bed.

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