Monday, March 06, 2006

decision pending

So, I'm finally taking the initiative in picking a city. By Wednesday, it will be done, and I won't look back. It's been interesting; a couple of days ago I was leaning hard towards NY. But I went to the movies on Sunday morning, and I was reminded of why I want to be in them. So we're back to square one. But I'm gonna do the research, meditate, pray a bit, and make a decision. And then we're off to the races.

Chaos reigns in my rehearsal process. I can't even begin to explain it. I felt myself shut off during last night's rehearsal. Here's a tip out there for everybody: if you're teaching a bunch of people to do something, and there's a possibility that all of their hard work may go for naught, don't tell them that while you're teaching them. Not a whole lot of incentive to commit 100%.

Anyway, my main frustration with this process is that I'm the only one here from out of town - all the rest of the cast live year-round in Cowtown. So they've all got these other distractions and life things that are taking them out of rehearsal. The only reason I'm here is to do this show. So I don't have a whole lot of patience with a bunch of people screwing around. I'm here to let's work.

All right, off to write a couple of letters, and then the gym - hopefully by then I still have a shred of motivation left.

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Melissa said...

Rehearsal - only good when everyone is present. I feel you.

DUDE - go with your gut. When you listen to it, you know, when it's quiet and no one else's voice wiggles into your head, what does it tell you? Get quiet, listen, you'll have your answer.

BTW - I finally got the damn zipper. What a ridiculous process.