Monday, March 20, 2006


Did you ever feel like maybe you were destined to do something, and that, no matter how hard you tried, it wasn't going to change? I'm starting to feel like that about Shakespeare. I can't get away from it, no matter how hard I try.

Today I got a phone call from one of my castmates, who had talked me up to some people he was auditioning for. They wanted to see me - would I make the 90 minute drive up to the mountains above Cowtown to see them? I thought for a minute - all I was doing was sitting at the computer, putting off a trip to the gym. Sure, I said. Give me a half hour to shower; I'll be there at three.

The drive up was hellacious. Traffic. Torrential rain. Even snow (which gave me flashbacks to this). But I made it up there. I did two scenes and a monologue for them, and the seven people in the room were beyond enthusiastic. I should know by the end of the week, but I feel pretty good about it. By "feeling good", I mean about the audition, not about the fact my entire summer may be turned upside-down.

Not that I don't love doing Shakespeare - I do. But I had always pictured a different career path. Movies. Cutting-edge theater, maybe on Broadway, if I was lucky. Maybe even the odd guest spot on TV. Never in a million years did I think that Shakepeare would be paying my student loans, and putting food in my stomach and clothes on my back. I'm very grateful - but I'm stunned.

Dinner time. Low fat chicken parm, anyone? I think I'll be eating at're welcome to come over, if you can find me...


Lady Wyntir said...

good luck with the audition results. from the way you write, you seem the type that does really well in Shakespeare. I'm sure they'll ask you to come back.

destiny... that's a tough one to answer. i like to think i create my own destiny. cause and effect and all that. you will always have a choice, but you must choose wisely. sometimes past experience can help, other times it may harm.

and always listen to your "feeling good" vibes. they tell more than you know. ^_^


Melissa said...

How was the chicken parm? I'm trying to figure out what to make on one burner since we're in the new apt and we don't have a gas account set up yet. One electric burner has got to be able to make a decent dinner.

Miss Fire said...

I don't know much about the acting world, but it seems gigs are hard to come by, even if you're an excellent actor. I'd ride that Shakepeare train, um, carriage, until it stops.

Hope your chick parm was yums!

a.maria said...

oh i love shakespeare!!

but yeah, i do know what you mean, looking at the direction your life is going and being like! not even necessarily in a bad way, more just like wow...

me at like 7 years old def'ly didnt see this coming!!

but then again, i was 7. what did i know?!

The Rover said...

FYI, the chix parm was decent. Not the best I've ever made.