Friday, March 24, 2006

just say no

The job craziness continues. I thought I had a job offer (different from Monday's adventure) that was going to pay me X amount of dollars a week. I just found out that, instead, they want to pay me half of that. And several of the other conditions that I was told would be in place have changed.

So now I'm in a weird spot. I'm half committed here (verbally, but not in writing), but with the new terms of the arrangement I don't know if I can stick. And I know that there was interest in me in another couple of places, so do I chase after those opportunities full bore? I think the most likely course of action is that I string the offer along for a couple more weeks, while I figure out if there's anything else out there for me. (This is a great opportunity, Melissa and Bright-Eyes, for you two to put your heads together, pool all your connections, and get me hooked up with a steady NYC acting gig. Good luck!)

What this comes down to is that I always feel bad saying "no". I've gotten better at doing so over time, especially in the last few years, but I can't get over the guilt.

Voice and Sandwich (aka Mom and Dad) are coming into town this weekend! I really need to tell those of you unfamiliar with my parents how they got their names. Anyway, I'll probably be scarce until the middle of next week; a good weekend to all...


April said...

Voice & Sandwich??

Please tell us.

Bright-Eyes said...

I say string the offer along and go for the one with the most benefits. Paying you half of what they originally offered is UNACCEPTABLE. period. They do this shit to us because they think they can.
Verbal agreement means nothing...a signed agreement means nothing if they change the terms on you. THEY are breaking the contract and not showing good faith. Therefore you have every right to say now and FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. They know what they are doing, and they don't feel bad about it at all. Don't feel you are obligated to anyone.

(except to Me and Mel for coming to new york, of course)

So, go for what you think is going to put you ahead...careerwise and financially. You have to start thinking like a buisnessman now. No more sticking around just because...I thought you were done with that shit your last season in the sleepy hamlet.

Tough love out of the way...

tell your folks I say "hola!" My folks asked about them the other day...or month...a while ago..anyway...give them my "what up"

Stef said...

I completely agree with bright-eyes. They do know what they are doing...come on, how many more moveable lighting tricks, or original oak framed armoir with imported italian glass windows that they will throw away at the end of a run, or new handmade leather boots for Linington-- do they need? And then to pay you half of what they offered you. Yes, they are not acting "in good faith" and so I say, NO.

And then say YES to NY, Yes, yes, yes.

BTW, my actor friend came back to Portland from LA saying he will never go back there again unless he is invited by an agent. INVITED.

OK, you know how I feel about the situation. I wish I could meet Voice and Sandwich. Holla back when you gots a chance.

The Rover said...

I wrote the guy a nice e-mail, telling him that the situation had changed, and that while I was still potentially interested, I was going to be "exploring my other options". And hopefully I have another job offer by the end of the week.