Monday, March 13, 2006

back in black

Finally feeling like myself again. I did virtually nothing this weekend (aside from my rehearsals) - just watched a lot of television and caught up on some blog reading.

In fact, I didn't even work out. I even had In-N-Out Burger and creme brulee last night - talk about going whole hog. But now I feel great. Today's my off day, but I feel focused and ready, for my workout later this afternoon (the plan for this week is entitled "Get Tough"), and for the last week of rehearsals - we start performing for people who pay next week.

It's just really hard for me to do absolutely nothing, no matter what the circumstances. But sometimes it's the best thing for you.

Anybody do anything exciting this weekend?


Melissa said...

I went to a kickass concert and chatted it up with another certain Brooklynite. Oh yeah, I ate the tastiest banana pudding on the planet! It was basically an awesome couple of days.

April said...

exciting?? nope.

But I did get a chance to go out and have several drinks with friends.

That's always fun.

An A-List Celebrity said...

I spent the weekend in my closet because of the tornadoes and emerged to find that my house needs a new roof and new siding! I have never missed renting more!