Saturday, March 18, 2006

at work!

So I'm finally doing something that most of my blogger friends do all of the time: I'm blogging from work! This may not be that exciting for y'all, but for me it's a total change.

We've got what's called "10 out of 12" this weekend; union rules allow for a show to have the actors for ten hours a day for two consecutive days. Translation - I spend all weekend at the theater. And since there's lots of down time during a tech, I figured I'd bring along my laptop. The main reason for that - you can get NCAA Tournament games online.

The show is going pretty well. Everything seems to be coming together. And not a moment too soon - we start performing for people next week. It's been a long time since I've had a role this big, and I'm really enjoying every moment. But I'm totally busting my ass...hence why I'm exhausted all of the time.

The other thing about this play is that I have to be funny. I mean, I think I can be a funny guy, but no one asks me to do that on stage all that often. So hopefully people will think I'm funny. I'll let you know what the reviews say.

All right. Looks like they're gonna need me in a few minutes. Back to work...hope you enjoyed your "insider" view...


ChuckSuede said...

I tried blogging from work once but people kept calling in and interrupting me with stories like, “I haven’t paid my rent in 9 months and my landlord is kicking me out, could you please do a story on me so he won’t?”, or “I haven’t ever paid my gas bill and they're going to turn of my gas, could you please do a story on me so they won’t?”, and “Our church is having a pancake breakfast this Thursday, could you please come out and video tape us and put us on your news?”. So I finally just gave up and decided to only blog from home.

Bright-Eyes said...

And so I ranted.

Work work work! Back to the grind from me. Was up in ME, now am back in the city, refreshed. Was nice to get away.

Hey, chucksuede, can you do a story on sucky teacher? My calc. prof. sucks.

Just kidding.

But not about the sucking part.