Saturday, March 11, 2006

LA meme

So Jesus' Favorite nailed me with another meme...dammit. But she's the big sister of one of my dear dear friends, so you gotta do what you gotta do. And, wouldn't you know it, it's all about my future home:

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life In LA (Well, seeing how I've never actually lived there, I've never made any money there. But, during my last visit, my responsibilities were:)

- acting
- finding representation
- going to the beach (or hot tub) every day
- drinking as much alcohol as possible without passing out

4 Movies About LA I Could Watch Over And Over

- Boogie Nights
- Beverly Hills Cop
- Pulp Fiction
- Clueless

4 Places I've Lived All Over LA (Again, we're going to tweak this one, to places I've stayed in the city:)

- Culver City
- The Valley
- Venice (2 blocks from the beach, baby!)
- (upcoming) West Hollywood

4 LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch
- 24 - words can't express how much I love this show. If you watch it, go here. Or here.
- Doogie Howser, M.D.
- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

4 Places I Would Vacation At In LA
- the beach
- the beach
- the beach
- the beach

4 LA-Based Websites I Visit Daily
- Jesus' Favorite
- The Sports Guy
That's all I got. Sorry. Click on them twice, over on the left where I keep the links.

4 Of My Favorite Foods Found In LA
- In-N-Out Double Double, Animal Style
- In-N-Out Fries
- Anything from Jamba Juice
- Roscoe's Chicken and good...

4 Places In LA I Would Rather Be Right Now
- the beach
- the beach
- the beach
- visiting my "friend"

I'd tag people, but there seems to be a current of bitterness about my move, so I'm not gonna risk it. ;-) Do it if you wanna.

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