Saturday, February 16, 2008

that nice clean feeling

I just cleaned my bathroom, and it feels SO good...

I admit that I'm a bit of a neat freak. I also go on cleaning sprees. My mother is famous for them - she'll just exclaim, "I can't take this mess!" and starting picking up and mopping and vacuuming everything in sight. I am the same way.

Anyway, I cleaned the toilet and sink a couple of weeks ago when I moved upstairs, but today I actually got in the tub and started the arduous task of getting rid of mildew. Good times. Then I mopped the floor; I have no idea when that last happened.

It just makes me happy to have a clean house. Plus we're having an open house tomorrow to replace the bad roommate, and then StefStar and I are having a mini-dinner party, so I can't be havin' filth all over the place, know what I mean?

All right. Maxine (who I haven't seen in two weeks due to our travel schedules) is coming over and I'm making her dinner, so I should probably get dressed. See you tomorrow...

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