Wednesday, February 20, 2008

tax waiting room

in the waiting room of the Equity building in midtown Manhattan

I'm waiting to get my taxes done at Equity. Normally I make an appointment, but I somehow missed the sign-up day. So I had to get up early (7am) and schlep up here to sit in line. I'm number eight. We've been here three hours, and they're at number four. If I can get out of here before two, I'll be happy.

There is this elderly lady here who won't stop talking! Seriously, nonstop. We've heard two of her cell phone conversations, which have been very loud, and she has also been kind enough to give up updates on the status of coffee ("They're gonna brew a pot in an hour or so, and it will cost fifty cents!"). I have also learned that she's a Citibank customer, she has a daughter, she lives in Riverdale, and she took a car here!

Dear Lord.

I brought a couple of DVDs (the final episode of West Wing, which I couldn't bring myself to watch because I was in denial about the end of the show; and The Wire, which I've been meaning to start forever), but my laptop is low on power and I'm not near an outlet. My life's so bad...

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday...

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The Rover said...

I actually got out of the waiting room by 12:30, which (in my mind) was a moral victory. Unfortunately, I'm not getting a refund this year - I actually owe NYS a chunk of money - so that didn't make me happy.