Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar picks

OK, I'm sure that you all really care about my picks...but I'm blogging every day here, people, so cut me some slack.

I'm just picking the big categories:

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Gotta go with Ruby Dee (American Gangster) here - she's the sentimental favorite, of the Academy and for me (she was my dad's Sunday School teacher). I could see Cate Blanchett (I'm Not There) winning, too - she played Bob Dylan!

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men), because he had to live with that haircut. And because everyone is on the bandwagon for that film (which was, admittedly, great). Close second to Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton), who is one of my favorite actors.

DIRECTOR: A lifetime achievement award for the Coen Brothers, who richly deserve it. P.T. Anderson will get his, one day.

BEST ACTOR: A lock. Have you seen There Will Be Blood? Daniel Day-Lewis is probably the best actor alive. Amazing.

BEST ACTRESS: I don't think Oscar voters will be able to deny the symmetry of giving Julie Christie an award 45 years after her first one (where I believe she beat Julie Andrews).

BEST PICTURE: The five nominees, in my order of preference, would be:

There Will Be Blood
No Country For Old Men
Michael Clayton

I think, however, that No Country For Old Men will take the prize. All of the movies are great; I just think that There Will Be Blood is more amazing than the others. (Juno, while a fun film, doesn't really seem like a Best Picture nominee, you know?)

So there's my two cents. Let's see how I do!

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Melissa said...

Not too shabby, my friend. Not too shabby at all.