Thursday, February 14, 2008

thanks, NYS

written in a classroom at the New York State Department of Labor building in Brooklyn

I don't know why I'm here.

Look, I appreciate the state of New York helping me out, I do. And the idea of having resources to help people who lack marketable job skills is great. I really believe that.

But see, I have TWO degrees. Not to be a snob about it, but I have to have some basic marketable skills by this point. So why am I sitting in this classroom?

I wish you could see this. It's like being in detention.

Oh! Class has started! I better pay attention...

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The Rover said...

To be fair, the reason why I had to attend that session was because, in the shuffle of moving, I forgot to send in a form. Still, it was a waste of time.

They did dismiss me after 15 minutes, though, so it didn't end up killing my entire afternoon.