Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Alma Mater

So I'm back in the South, teaching a workshop at my Alma Mater. (I'm not putting the name of the school up here, for my usual reasons, but it's not hard to figure it out if you want to do a little detective work. Or you could just ask me in an e-mail.)

I made one trip back here two years ago, but it was a quick 36 hour job. This time I'm spending three nights here.

It's weird. I spent four years in the community, and was here nonstop from the beginning of my junior year to the end of my senior year; and yet I feel like I don't have any favorite places to go. I was trying to figure out where to eat the other day, and all I could remember were sandwich shops. It's like I've forgotten 90% of my college experience. For such a big piece of my life, there's a lot of chunks missing. Maybe it was all the booze.

It's been great working with the students, though. I'm pretty sure that teaching is in my future somewhere; this experience is just more evidence of that. I've got one more day of it tomorrow - hoping that I can explore campus and maybe talk to some of my old professors.

Right now I'm going to enjoy my Mariott accommodations. So glad I'm earning points for this hotel stay...

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Hot Librarian said...

There are no favorite places because we never WENT anywhere! I swear, I spent most of college drinking in your dorm room. Possibly playing Asshole. And listening to R&B (which I now love). And that was just fine with me.