Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wedding of the Century II

I know, I know, you remember me talking about my brother's wedding as The Wedding of the Century. Well, this one was comparable. (Hey, if college football can have the Game of the Century every few years, why can't I do the same?)

The ceremony was the best I've ever been to. They had a slide show, and some friends danced and sang. But the most impressive part was the vows. I've never seen such a raw, honest, naked, eloquent expression of love. Neither one of them was afraid to bare their souls in front of 250 people - but it felt like you were listening to a private conversation. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. (Not that I cried...um...well...it just got a bit dusty in there - you know?)

I've got one more day in San Francisco; then it's a red-eye back to New York, where 2008 begins for me in full force. I'm very excited!

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