Saturday, January 12, 2008

shopping spree

I'm about to embark on a shopping spree of unprecedented proportion - at least, for me.

My good roommate is moving out at the end of the month, and she's taking a lot of the apartment with her. After all, she was the one who bought it in the first place. Because the bad roommate is fresh out of college (and therefore could exist with just a chair, air mattress, and television), and StefStar (who is replacing the good roommate) is a transient, it's up to me to provide for my living space.

So, I now have to buy:

a couch (the top item on the list today)
pots & pans
dishes (though I have some in Pittsburgh to rescue from the clutches of my parents' basement)
a kitchen cabinet (we just really need one)
a coffee table
a rug
a bed (because I'm 30, and it's not cute for me to sleep on a futon anymore)

First up is the cabinet and the couch - Maxine is going with me, because I have no taste. ;-) I would also accept donations...


Ginger said...

Check out "" They have everything!!!

une petite chose said...


jameil1922 said...

ooh. please post pics of the finds.

DH said...

Hey man...I don't see LCD HDTV on your list anywhere!

mama's got moxie said...

woowee!! that's quite a bit of shopping you've gotta do there! i have one word for you: ikea, ikea, ikea!! hahaha... yeah, it's not the most durable stuff on the planet, but hey, it'll get you through! ;)