Tuesday, January 01, 2008

oh yeah

Totally forgot to tell you guys - I solved my apartment woes!

I had a mini-epiphany on Saturday afternoon, after looking at another crappy apartment in a less-than-desirable location. What were the biggest problems with the place I was in now? I liked the location, and I liked the price. After mulling it over, I came up with two:

1. Not enough sunlight.

2. My 22 yr old roommate.

Problem #1 could be easily solved. My cool roommate (a faithful reader of this blog) is moving out next month. I could just move upstairs and take her room. Done.

But what about #2? He's been there since September, and he's been planning to take over the lease. And he's got another friend from college that he wants to move in - and having another one of him would just drive me CRAZY.

Then I realized - he's not on the lease now.

I am.

It's my apartment.

So, I'm going to ask him to leave. Done.

I'll go into further detail about this later (since I'm obviously going to need things to post about).

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Melissa said...

Duh. Awesome. So awesome.