Thursday, January 31, 2008

there WAS blood

(See the post below if you're confused.)

The movie was very good. My roommates didn't like it, and I can't really understand why. I don't want to ruin anything for anybody, but Daniel Day-Lewis has got to be considered the best actor alive. Besides me, of course. (Calm down...just kidding...)

All right, off to watch the Challenge w/Snapple. No, we're not dating again, we're hanging out as friends. Yes, I know I said that last time. Yes, I know what I'm doing. Why do you have so many questions?


Melissa said...

See? What did I tell ya? He's sick. He's a sick, sick man... and I love him for it.

And oh yeah, I'll tell you who she is. You'll love her music.

L. Britt said...

The question is...does she know what she's doing? However, it's not a question for you to answer.