Wednesday, January 16, 2008

vote for my friend!

So, I have a friend who is a big football fan. (I know, shocking!) He was on his way home the other day and noticed a big Sprint/NFL Tour truck in the parking lot of his neighborhood Best Buy. They have this game where you can get into a booth and do some play-by-play of NFL games.

Long story short, he was picked as one of the top five of the day! Fan voting then determines the winner, who wins a $200 shopping spree at, and is entered into a drawing for two Super Bowl tickets. Good times, right?

Anyway, my friend is trying to win the vote, and I mentioned that my blog might be a vehicle for a few votes, if my friends/readers are bored enough. If you want to help my pal out, go over to, and click on the star in the Texas region. Then click on "Watauga, TX 1/13" and look for Joe P. He (and I) would appreciate it.

Maybe, if we're all lucky, he'll buy us a hat or a wristband or something.

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james said...

Thanks, so much for posting about this contest! I just love foot ball looking forward to participate in the contest and win shopping spree. Nice way to pick up the winner through fan voting.