Wednesday, January 09, 2008

am i a criminal?

Yesterday, I ran out of lip balm. This is a huge problem for me - I need to keep my smackers moisturized, you know? So I stop in a drugstore by the subway.

It's an independent drug store, so there are no signs on the aisles. I cruise down three of them - no lip balm (though I did find a Vitamin Water, my newest vice). Walking by the back register, I found some. Yay! was the right brand (Burt's Beeswax) but not the right kind. One had pomegranate oil. One was honey-flavored. One came in those little tins you have to dip your finger in. I just wanted the regular ol' Burt's! But, alas, none in sight. So I bought the one with the fancy oil.


On the way out of the store, I wandered down an aisle I hadn't been down - and found a whole stash of lip balm - including my chosen kind! I was happy, but dismayed that I hadn't bought the right one.

So what did I do?

I picked up one of the regular lip balms, put the one I bought down, and walked out of the store.

Does this make me a shoplifter?

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Melissa said...

I think it makes you an inventory screwer upper... but who cares about that? ;-)