Tuesday, January 22, 2008

up and down day

written on a subway platform in Manhattan

Up and down day today. I'll explain, notes-style:

- Audition for play today. It ended up going two hours, and it was a great experience. I busted my ass in prep for this, working deep into the night and early this morning. They said they wanted to make a quick decision, though, and I didn't hear anything, so my hopes are dim. Still, there's a chance. And the artistic director mentioned that they're doing another play next year that's perfect for me, so we'll see.

- Played with the med school kids, which was a fun experience. Everyone got something out of it, and I actually had fun.

- Got an e-mail from the artistic director of the theater in Rockport (where I spent last summer) telling me that there wasn't a spot for me this summer, confirming my suspicions. I thought I was friends with this guy, but he seems to be doing the opposite of everything he told me he would do. So that means I won't get to play with Fred and Ginger and Power Broker West and Snapple and Big Bird, which makes me sad.

- Work tonight sucked. Lots of angsty teens, and several fights. At one point it seemed like all hell was breaking loose. The cops were called twice.

- Heath Ledger died. I'm strangely very upset by this, maybe because he's only a couple of years younger than me.

- I missed my train, as in it was pulling away as I went through the turnstile. I've been waiting here for 13 minutes.

I'm looking forward to going home, making myself some tea, putting up my feet, and forgetting about everything else.


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The Rover said...

Obviously, "here it comes" refers to the train, which finally arrived.

My bad roommate was in front of the TV for hours (again) when I got home, but I ended up hanging out with the good roommate for a while. I'm really sad she's leaving.

There was something else significant that happened yesterday, but that deserves its own post.