Sunday, January 13, 2008

i sound hot

written on a Brooklyn-bound subway train

I just recorded a post on my phone, but in case it doesn't work, here's a back-up.

Headed home from a reading. I was just reading the stage directions (description of the characters' actions, in case you know nothing about theater), which is pretty easy, but apparently my voice wanted a higher degree of difficulty, because only 40% of it showed up. So now I sound real sexy. (This happened to me a couple of months ago, while in Valley City - can't remember if I wrote about it or not.)

(This dude is being real shady, waffling on whether or not to go between cars. Make up your mind!)

I hate to admit this as a trained theater professional, but I kind of like it when my voice goes out for no reason. Unless it hurts. There's just something about the quality that I dig. Is that weird?

Looking forward to getting off the train so I can eat.


The Rover said...

Three days later, and my voice is almost all the way back. Crazy.

I really wanted to make a recording of my voice and put it up here, but AudioBlogger seems to have disappeared, and I don't know how to get the file from my phone to the internet, so I just went to the back-up post. Which means you'll have to listen to my dulcet tones another time.

Marj said...

not weird at all. i hardly ever lose my voice, but the few times i have, guys act... rather differently. that sultry, sexy voice is normally given to the blessed, but sometimes, the vocal cords team with the hormones and do their thang...