Wednesday, January 02, 2008

seatmate woes

written on a New York-bound JetBlue flight

Didn't think I'd go to the notebook this early, did you? ;-)

The girl next to me - sitting in the middle seat - is getting on my nerves. She asked me to switch to another middle seat so she could sit w/her friend - like that was gonna happen - and then tried to crawl over me. I had been under the impression that our middle seat was empty.

Then she started copying me. Ordering the same stuff, watching the same TV program - it sucks.

Plus, she smells.

4 hours left.


The Rover said...

This is a completely incoherent post. This is what happens to you when you drink, eat crap, and don't sleep for four days. In fact, I was completely falling asleep as I scribbled this on my notepad.

In my defense, the girl was seriously weird.

Melissa said...

I like incoherence. Your particular brand of it is nice.