Sunday, September 02, 2007


That's me, because I didn't get a blog post up yesterday. In my defense, I spent seven hours in a car, then had to unpack, then ate dinner with my folks and roommate, and then went to a party at Maxine's house (more on that in a bit). And I was running on five hours sleep.

So I still want to do this "30 in 30 for my 30" - let's consider this my first official post. To make up for yesterday, I'll either (a) blog twice in one day, or (b) make an entry on October 1. Deal? Sweet.

Now - thoughts from last night's party:

- I'm fascinated by girls who make out with other girls. That could be a whole post in itself. And I don't mean in a juvenile, gross, "Oooh, they're making out!" kind of way (although I'm sure some of that exists), but in a more intellectual-type way. Know what I mean?

- Ever start dancing with someone, and you guys are being respectful, "leaving room for Jesus" and all that, and then you get closer, and then start grinding a bit - and then all of a sudden it's more than grinding? Not that you're kissing or anything, but if you were by yourselves, and you were naked, you'd totally be having sex? It's always quite an astonishing moment when it happens. Then, just as quickly, the moment's gone, or the song ends, and it's back to normal.

I had one of those last night.

- The highlight (actually, the lowlight) of the evening was seeing Maxine disappear into her bedroom at 4:30am with another guy. We've been officially broken up for almost two years, and realistically apart for almost a full year, and we talk with each other all of the time about who we're dating and how we feel about them and what's happening, etc., etc. But this is the first time I've actually seen her with someone else.

It wasn't fun.

I didn't sleep all that great. Of course, I slept on a couch, and I slept for less than four hours, so that might have something to do with it. Or...maybe not.

Off to have breakfast with my fam.


Angela said...

I don't know if I have much to add to the girls kissing girls thing. I need context really. I mean there's kind of a spectrum. There are actual lesbians and then there are drunk 18 year olds making out ala Girls Gone Wild. Two very, very different things.

Now, on the Maxine thing, watching someone you used to date hook up with someone else is never fun. Ever.

L. Britt said...

Well, what specifically is your question? Like what is the attraction? Or what's up with a serious girl kisser? I think angela's right: it depends on the context.

I know that seeing Maxine with another dude wasn't fun, but I know that you will handle it with grace. Stay strong.