Wednesday, September 19, 2007

weirdness weirdness everywhere

I was thinking the other day, "Wow, there's nobody to write about here." The cast of my show is rather small, and I've known the director for years, and everyone is really nice. Not a dash of weirdness among them.

Then...I had a costume fitting today.

One of the women was one of those types who just can't stop talking, you know? This woman must have given me 15 different exit lines, only to turn around and start talking about something else. I just wanted her to leave the room so I could change my pants!

The other one was a piece of work. She's really hot (she kind of resembles a blogger friend of mine), but she kept talking over the blabbermouth, throwing out random comments about how good I looked in my costume, and how she had decided previously that she had a crush on my character. Part of me was saying, "Yes!", but the louder part was saying, "Run!"

At least my clothes fit.

I'm exhausted - time for bed. More tomorrow, my last day of being in my twenties...


Hot Librarian said...

Oh, so she looks like me? Awesome.

The Rover said...

Actually, she does. Nice catch!