Tuesday, December 06, 2005

tired musings

Have I mentioned that I'm ready for a vacation yet? Well, I am.

Don't know if I said anything about this previously, but my Turkey Day trip to New England meant that I missed my class reunion back in the 'burgh. Last night they posted some pictures from said reunion - it's amazing how some people change completely, and how other look exactly how they looked in HS. (I'm probably in the latter group; I've just filled out a little.) Everyone looked like they were having a great time, and part of me really wishes I could have been there. However, at the moment that this reunion was taking place, I was sitting around a table with my entire family, and that hasn't happened in almost a year. And we had one of the best conversations we've ever had. I wouldn't give up that moment for anything. I suppose you could say that everything works out.

My reunion feelings strike me as particularly interesting, since I'm currently working in high schools. I look around the room and wonder where all of these kids are going to end up. Am I preparing the next Tom Hanks? Will one of these kids grow up to be President? Or maybe there's someone in this group is going to eventually commit murder, or die tragically, or save someone's life. Sometimes I think I need to turn my brain off.

Debating whether or not to work out, or just get dinner. Topeka is home to every chain restaurant in America, I swear. Question: am I weird for not wanting to eat at Hooters? I definitely have a weakness for pretty women, but I just feel kind of dirty going in there to eat/pick up food. Does that make any sense?

(Damn, someone needs a lot of affirmation today...)

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Melissa said...

To say that you were missed is an understatement, babe. But relish that time with the fam. HS peeps will all hang out again sometime. And next time you can witness first hand the drunken antics of the same drunkasses who fell on their faces in HS. Oh yes, someone fell. Flat-out busted her face on the floor. I'll tell you who if you really want to know... *splat* People turned around, saw who it was, and sai, "Oh, typical" and went right back to their convos w/o missing a beat.

P.S. When you get there - tell Brooklyn I say I'll be back soon.