Thursday, December 29, 2005

blogs & bad movies

Back to my normal up-at-10am-sleep-at-2am routine. So sweet. I usually spend the last hour and a half before bed reading my favorite blogs and watching bad movies on one of the Showtime channels the hotel has so kindly provided us. (I would gladly trade the two Showtime channels for MTV and Comedy Central, but I digress.) Right now I'm watching some National Lampoon Canadian movie called Going The's actually not that bad...let's call it a poor poor man's Animal House.

Melissa wrote a great post today. Check it out. My retrospective will come this weekend.

So apparently my readers think that the inner freak of my castmates will fly as the show progresses. Valid points, all, but I still think this group is surprisingly normal. Of course, I wasn't at rehearsal today, and I won't be there t'm'row. I'll make sure and update you as the process goes on.

I'm taking the Animal House thing back...the group has actually run into an old farmer who says, "You can stay at my house, but no one can mess with my daughter." Still, you know I have to see how it ends...

Some year-end hip-hop coming in your direction t'm'row...actually, later today.

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Bright-Eyes said...

oh yea...the weird will come. I thought people at my last gig were normal. Something will happend. Something always does...whether you find out about it or not is the question. Of course you won't be there for long enough for everyones inner freak to make is presence known, but I am sure one drunken night something will fly. You know how you actors are.

heh heh heh

talk to us after New Years....ha!