Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Off for a little fresh air and sunshine.

Fresh air first, courtesy of Cowtown - going to visit Suri for a bit, which should be good times. Apparently the locals are driving her crazy, and she can't wait to leave.

Sunshine is second, as I fly from there to LA, and hang with the peeps. I'm staying with Li'l Bit (nee GISS), which should also be good times.

I come back to the BK on Tuesday night. I'll try to post an update or two while I'm gone. Any requests for souvenirs? Someone has already asked me for the ocean, so that's taken...


Wyn said...

yeah.. can you steal the sun back from the west? it not only sets there, but it also parties there, and has lots of fun over there too.. tell it to come HOME!!!

have a good time, you deserve the break.

~wyn ^_^

Melissa said...

How about a blonde... no, wait - I know you like to keep those all to yourself.