Wednesday, April 18, 2007

vacation diary pt. I

I'm delayed at JFK. We're waiting for our plane to land, which will happen in about 15 minutes. They made an announcement about this, and yet there is a line of people in front of me, inexplicably waiting to board the plane. Why? LISTEN, people!


- So why do strangers feel the need to strike up conversations with me? It's like they're drawn in, somehow. I do everything I can to avoid these random conversations: I check my cell phone, try to look mean, etc. Doesn't work.

I'm currently dealing with two of these right now, one on either side. On the left is a hen-pecked older black man, whose wife keeps ordering him to check the status of the plane. On my right is a plump white woman who keeps asking random questions.

(Both of them are on their cell phones right now - the man said, "Hello?" about three times.)

So why do the crazies always find me? Do I have a welcoming scent? Do I look friendly? I just don't get it. And it's never hot chicks that talk to me, either...very frustrating.

- I've decided that I'm going to write these entries note-style, and then transcribe them onto my blog later. It feels like cheating, but, really, who gives a fuck?

(Actually, I do.)

Writing these down on paper is actually a positive thing. I'm writing because I didn't bring my trusty laptop, Clementine, with me. I always travel with my laptop. I feel a bit naked without it, but I must admit that my shoulders feel better. I just figured that since I spend all day at jobs #1&2 in front of a computer - why did I need to haul mine around the country with me?

- I'm upset about the prices here at the airport. Earlier, I heard a lady complaining about $12 sandwiches. I ended up paying $11.26 for a 18" sandwich and a bottle of water. (Hey, the H2O came from the clouds - that's gotta be worth something extra, right?)

- There's a small dog in front of me wearing a striped sweater. It's really cute, but I'm currently praying that it's not going to be my seatmate!

Actually, I'll be fairly forgiving, because I managed to snag an emergency exit row seat. YES! It pays to book your ticket weeks ahead of time.

All right, enough "blogging" for now. Going to try and sketch out an article for the website I write for...more later...

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