Saturday, April 07, 2007

big news coming soon!

I'm at home with the fam, for Easter. I've been wanting to write for a few days now, but I've got to wait until it's 100% before talking about it. Even here, anonymously.

So...I'll write when I can.

Your Mom was kind enough to send me some interview questions, which I'll put up a little later.

Right now, I have to go see if Maxine is still sulking in my room. She got pissed when I told her the reason why I don't wear the scarf she made me a couple of years ago is because it's a woman's scarf. (You know, like men's shirts button on one side and women's the other...well, straight men generally don't wear skinny scarfs. Right? If I'm wrong, please tell that to the half-dozen people who made fun of me for wearing a girl's scarf.)


More later.


Angela said...


Mermaid Girl said...

I have to agree with you...skinny scarves on guys reminds me of those truly awful skinny ties that men used to wear in the era of porn star mostaches/keys in the bowl/calling everyone "little lady"...etc.

une petite chose said...

oh dear... well... perhaps you ought kindly remind her of the necklace incident of october 2006?

Melissa said...

I want to know what this cryptic Roverness is all about!