Tuesday, April 10, 2007

drumroll please

The news I've been withholding?

I got a gig.

The role is great! Too bad I can't tell you about it...I'd out myself for sure.

12 weeks, late May to mid-August. I'm still trying to formulate a catchy name for the place I'm going - I'll let you know as soon as I come up with it.

I actually auditioned for this back in December, and was sure that I was going to get this. But then I went back to New York and I got lost in the casting shuffle. The artistic director (who is a friend of mine) assured me that that wouldn't happen next year.

And then - poof! - someone dropped out, and there was an opening.

I did some auditions about ten days ago, and then the AD was on vacation, and during that time I got an offer to do my all-time favorite play somewhere in the wilds of the North Atlantic. They called me on a Thursday and wanted me to start on Tuesday (today), and the pay was crap, and I wasn't going to get any health insurance weeks.

We went back and forth Thursday night, and Friday morning I talked to their head honcho, who said she was going to try and scrape together some more money and would call me back soon. She didn't.

Meanwhile, the first AD dropped me a note, telling me to keep him posted on any other offers I had. I told him about the North Atlantic situation. An hour later we were on the phone, and he was telling me that they still had one more person to see, but that, as of that moment, I was the choice.

It became official earlier this afternoon.

So, I only have to work three jobs for six more weeks...then, back to the boards.

I can't wait.


AmyElle said...

Coming out of lurkdom to say Congrats!

beebs said...

Congradulations. Seems like some really great things are coming your way!