Thursday, April 12, 2007

"and five more to me..."

More questions! This from L. Britt.

Ask me more! I like answering them. And I'll put all future answers on this post, so check back.

1. What's the longest you've been single? I mean truly single...not having drama with an ex, not in an ambiguious friendship, not in a f*ck buddy scenario, not in relationship that you can't define...just single?

Um...I'm a little embarrassed at the answer to this question...since I started college, I guess it's probably no longer than two or three months, honestly. I always seem to have somebody around that's more than a friend, even if it's not physical. I rarely have "friendships with benefits" or fuckbuddies, though.

2. Did you expect to be where you are in your career at this point in your life?

Not by a longshot. I never thought I'd be doing this much classical theater. And, even though I'm confident in my abilities (despite my post below), I'm always surprised when I get cast in something. I do think a part of me thought I might be farther along, but most of me is just surprised.

3. Does the big news have to do with work or personal life?

The news is below, but it's work-related. Although there could be personal ramifications...

4. Who did you not get with in grad school that you wish you did?

A difficult question to answer without names! I did make out with several, and I wanted to make out with...well, most of the ladies. But I would say that the Indian girl is #1 with a bullet.

5. What made you change your mind about your attitude toward your credit card debt?

My awareness first started back in 2003, when I first started working in the Sleepy Hamlet and made a weekly and monthly budget for the first time. I've had problems with credit cards since college - because I didn't fully understand the fact that I would have to pay them off someday - and I always seem to get things into a manageable position before things get back again.

After returning from my latest trip to Cowtown, I survived off unemployment for two months, which wasn't enough, so I had to use my credit card. After I got my three jobs, I was able to take stock of my financial picture - and it's not pretty. And I decided that I didn't want to get any deeper in debt, because doing so would really affect my future ability to have a family. I've got to get that under control before I ask someone to make a commitment to me, let alone have kids.


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Melissa said...

Don't be embarrassed about #1. (says the serial monogomist...)