Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So...I've been tagged. The culprit? Tuckergurl. This one has been going around; in addition to T, L. Britt and Melissa have also been smacked lately. (Check out their answers by clicking their names.) All right, ladies, you got me. I'll do it.

four jobs i've had

1. official scorer at basketball games. My first job. I made something like $2.50/hr, which was great because I was probably 13 or 14 when I was doing it. A ref yelled at me once because I hit the buzzer after a team scored a basket.

2. server at Boston Market. It was so long ago that it was called Boston Chicken. The pair of khakis that I wore when I worked there smelled like chicken grease for years afterwards...they still might.

3. stock boy at Kay-Bee Toy Store. Worst Xmas job ever. Teacher Barbie was popular that year - amazing what some parents will do to get their kid the season's hot toy. I used to work nights trying to put that store back together - it was a toy store, so it was impossible.

4. camp counselor at the Y. I specialized in the little kids, ages 3 to 7. I could tell you loads of stories about the kiddies...maybe on a rainy day, if you ask nicely. I've decided that every child in the world is cute...until their sixth birthday. Guess it's a preservation thing. Then, things start to change, and nature is not always kind.

four movies i can watch over and over

1. History of the World Part I. I could be performing open-heart surgery; if this movie comes on, I stop what I'm doing and watch the rest of it. Even the edited version with commercials. Hilarious.

2. Coming To America. My brother and I can recite this movie, word for word. The pinnacle of Eddie Murphy's greatness, in my opinion.

3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Oh, those crazy Brits.

4. Bad Boys. Much respect to Melissa and her peeps who like the sequel, but I gotta stick with the original. Big ups to Friday and Undercover Brother here too.

four places i've lived

1. Pittsburgh, PA

2. Winston-Salem, NC

3. Boulder, CO

4. Manhattan, NY

four tv shows i love

1. Scrubs. The perfect show, in my opinion. Wacky and zany, but with heart. Zach Braff and Donald Faision crack me up, and I may have a teensy crush on Sarah Chalke and Judy Reyes.

2. The Office. Someday I'll watch the British version, but the American version is pretty damn good. Laugh-out-loud, oh-my-God-did-that-really-happen funny. I always wind up watching it myself, and I always wish I had someone to share it with.

3. 24. Jack Bauer is the greatest TV man who ever lived. And, I'm totally ripping this off from the Sports Guy, but I would totally vote for David Palmer for President. At least, I would have.

4. Chappelle's Show. Such mixed feelings about Season 3. Would Dave want us to watch it? Still, if you've seen the preview on Comedy Central's website, you know it's a must-see.

four places i've vacationed

1. Block Island, RI

2. Charleston, SC

3. London

4. Bandon, OR

four favorite dishes

1. New England clam chowder. There's a place a couple of miles from my grandmother's house - it actually sits on the Atlantic Ocean - that has some of the best chowder I've ever tasted. But I'm also okay with the stuff out of the Campbell's Select can.

2. Mom's fried pork chops. My brother and I drove home one year and walked in the door at 2am. When we came up into the kitchen, my mother was at the stove frying up a batch of these. Best thing I ever tasted.

3. Apple pie. Any apple dessert, really: pie, cobbler, turnovers, doesn't matter. Ice cream, whipped cream, whatever. Long as the apple is baked, and there's a bit of a glaze/sauce, I'm happy.

4. Fried catfish and collard greens. Seriously, did you expect this not to make the list?

four sites i visit daily

1. ESPN's The Daily Quickie. Really, any part of, including the Sports Guy. All the sports news you need in three minutes.

2. MySpace. If this site is a drug, then I'm a crack whore.

3. Desperate Husband. Lots of blogs I read, but only two I have to check in on every day. This is one...

4. Spoke In The Wheel. ...and this is the other. But you should really check out all of the blogs on my sidebar.

four places i would rather be right now

1. Detroit. Super Bowl XL, people. Gotta support the Steelers.

2. Cowtown. Anxious for the next job to start.

3. At my parents' house, sitting around the table with my entire family. I don't get to see them nearly enough, and I miss them desperately. Same goes for my 3 main Sleepy Hamlet peeps.

4. Home. I don't know where that is, but I want one. Now.

who's next?

I really hate tagging people. I'd love to hear what DH and April and Stef and Bright-Eyes have to say, but I'm not gonna force them to do it. But, if you (or anyone else) do put it up, let me know.


tuckergurl said...

I might have to give in and watch the American version of The Office. I feel like I'm just being stubborn and that I would probably like it.

Miss Fire said...

The British version of The Office is MUCH funnier, especially if you love Brit humour. Love your TV and movie choices.

Melissa said...

Man, it was hard to leave Scrubs off the list. Braff, Faison - I dig those guys. *blush* Thanks for reading me every day, K. Whenever I come here and it's too early for you to have posted something new yet I get all sad.

Your dang zipper hasn't arrived yet. I'm irritated. grrrrrrr

April said...

I might give in and do this just for you...but I'm not good with the tag things.

I really like reading them...but not so much the answering part.

(btw, please tell me you don't still have those khakis from Boston Chicken)

The Rover said...

Khakis are still in the closet in PA at Mom & Dad's...along with the rest of my shit...